Thursday, 2 October 2014

Slip On Addiction

  Over the summer, I admittedly gave in to temptation and like every other girl in North London I bought a pair of the Topshop £20 snakeskin slip on shoes, yes, you know the exact ones I'm talking about. Reluctant at first to be wearing the same shoes as everyone else, this doubt was soon forgotten when I became aware of the wonders of this purchase and I have since begun my own little collection of slip ons. Whilst the initial pain of these shoes when first purchased can be somewhat unbearable, and an array of repulsive blisters on the backs of your feet is almost guaranteed, it doesn't stop them from being my favourite shoe style of the year so far. Apart from long walks/running, due to the high chance of getting your feet butchered, the slip ons are suitable for a million and one other occasions, just quite simply cool, and they go with basically absolutely everything (Apart from shorts, there's a high risk you'll end up looking like a tourist)So, if you don't mind feeling like there's glass embedded in your skin for a few days and you don't care about wearing those low cut socks that make your feet look somewhat deformed, try out the slip on and fall hopelessly in love just like I did;

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