Monday, 13 October 2014

Modelling with Monty

  Apart from blogging and enforcing my hatred of 99% of the human race on to the World I actually do have other hobbies, one of them being photography which, surprise surprise, I'm taking for A Level. For my A2 project this year, I'm exploring the ideas of Anthropomorphosis and Zoomorphism, eventually leading on to the ideas of Greek Mythology. If you're sitting and wondering why, I'm afraid I don't have a sufficient answer, I just like the idea of making people into mythical creatures, it almost distracts me from the fact that I'm slowly drowning in a pile of work and still can't get to grips with Hazard Perception. To begin this photographic project, I decided to carry out a series of images inspired by the work of photographer William Wegman. I used my dog, Monty, as my subject in an attempt to create photographs that portray an animal with human characteristics. Thankfully he's almost a pro at modelling as a result of my Mum's fixation with posting endless photographs of him dressed up in all sorts of humiliating outfits for all of her excitable Facebook friends to 'like'. I've decided that these images are too adorable to keep to myself, so I hope you all enjoy them;

 H x 

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