Monday, 22 September 2014


    Since the start of London Fashion Week, my days at school have been spent staring hopelessly at the bipolar British weather out of classroom windows. If it was raining and some somber Bon Iver was playing in the background I could've easily passed for one of those pretentiously moody characters straight out of a depressing indie film. My reasoning for this sulky behaviour has been my sheer irritation that rather than being at the best event of the year, I've been cooped up in school with constant reminders about UCAS and having to plan the rest of my life. Worryingly, I've found myself trying to plot a way to escape the compound at least four times a day and came up with no other option than to spend years digging my way out or risk getting my holy ID card taken away meaning no freedom (also known as the local high street) for me at lunch times. Anyway, Fashion week is a huge influence for style all over the world and gives talented designers a chance to show case their collections for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. Whilst Milan, New York and Paris fashion weeks have also been occurring, I decided to comment on one closer to home and have put together a few of my favourite looks from the collections I've been gawking at instead of doing my homework. 



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