Monday, 27 April 2015


  For my A2 art project this year with my title being 'Ideals, Perfections, Flaws and Compromises', I've focused on the ideals within the world of technology, particularly looking at 'Apple', whom are renowned as a company for their clean-cut, minimalistic vision for product design. I ventured in to film making for this project, creating my first ever short in which I destroy a MacBook using a hammer. You see, this is the laptop that single handedly managed to delete my Foodtech GCSE coursework and English AS coursework the night before it was due, and eventually died on me the deadline day of an online portfilio submission for Uni. However, somehow it survived falling in to a bath which is still a mystery to me. Aside from thoroughly enjoying battering my old Mac to pieces, I'm pretty chuffed with how the film turned out, particularly due to the 'blood' that splatters out of the laptop whilst it's being destroyed which I achieved by dismantling the Mac, inserting red paint inside it and then putting it back together. In the making of this movie, I managed to entirely cover my present laptop and myself (from head to toe) in red paint, so for the rest of the day at school I was being stared at like I'd just committed a mass murder. This piece sums up the overall theme of my project, in which I attempt to destroy the perfect aesthetics that are presented throughout products in technology today, shattering the concept of an 'ideal' item. And so I present to you, Annihilation;


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