Monday, 1 September 2014

Back To Blogging

  September 1st marks the end of summer, those blissful few weeks in which your only commitment is getting significant tan lines to show off on your arrival home. For most, with this daunting day comes the promises of re-starting diets or gym memberships or vowing to work harder in the next upcoming school year. For me however, after two long years of silence I have decided to come back to my blog. My commitment to writing post after post faded once I realised that GCSE's were actually of some importance, and completely halted after I discovered that my older peers weren't joking about AS Levels being almost impossible. Although I'm begrudgingly about to head in to another year of non-stop work, I've decided that being so focused on pleasing these mysterious elves who mark my papers is actually quite pathetic for someone of seventeen. So hopefully coming back to the comfort of my blog will give me some sort of distraction from the World's fixation on grades. I'll be keeping you updated with my opinions on fashion trends, music, food, movies and other rubbish whilst attempting to learn to drive, plough through my A Levels, figure out what I want to do with my life and not go mentally insane. See you soon!


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